What We Do
What We Do


The growing immersive power of AR and VR is giving it the ability to radically change consumer behaviour. Almost all of our experiences will be recreated, with this tech providing a whole new canvas to serve education, healthcare, retail, entertainment and communication. Excited to be at the forefront of development, our team of experts have quickly ramped up on our AR and VR dev skill set and are ready to take your business through this downright spectacular experience.

Native app development

The diversity of digital space gives us the opportunity to innovate and invent the best fit solutions for your products. We can take your idea and come up with the fine execution plan along with a complete development cycle or we can join your team at any point in the cycle. Our iOS, iPad, Android and tablet applications showcase the wide range of our expertise as we continuously dare ourselves to experiment with the next best thing.

Web development

We just don’t do websites, we build businesses. Our solutions are scalable so that they are compatible with the growth and success of your business. From a strong backend developed using technologies such as Node.js, PHP, ROR and MySQL to a responsive front-end in HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS, we develop everything ranging from custom CMS solutions and eCommerce websites to complex web portals optimized across all browsers and devices.

Cross Platform Applications

With the rising trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at education and learning centers, workplaces, trainings and conferences it has become important for organizations to build apps that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. At Tintash we have some of the best teams working wonders, using react and ionic, to quickly build iOS and Android apps that are indistinguishable from native apps.

UI/UX design

We design an experience that is admirable and interactive. Form flawlessly balances function, from testing multiple use-cases and designing the smoothest flow, to crafting pixel perfect interface elements and everything that comes in between. The blueprint of your vision is culminated into the wireframes on which the designers build the look and feel generating a next-generation experience ready for development

QA and testing

Our work sets new global standards in quality and experience. Tintash provides dedicated QA teams that are extensively involved during the entire design and development process for softwares and applications. The product undergoes rigorous beta testing for prototype analysis after which it is fine-tune as needed. This is followed by A/B testing to continually optimize for better functionality and optimal experience.

Our process